We Tried It: A Salad Chopper Bowl For Quick Salads

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Playing Salad Chopper Bowl Demo | Our Culinary Team Tests Kitchen Gadgets

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One of Rach's culinary team members, food stylist Sarah Rhodes, is the show's go-to gal for assembling salads

"Making salads can be time-consuming. It's a lot of chopping — and if you're not that great with a knife, it can be a little daunting," Sarah says.

She's testing out a product that claims to make it easier and faster to assemble a chopped salad.

Product: Websun Salad Cutter Bowl 
Claims to make rinsing, chopping and serving small salads a faster, easier process using fewer tools.

Watch the video above to see what Sarah thought when she tested out the salad cutter bowl.

Sarah also shared two tips to keep in mind when making salads. 


The base of any good salad is clean lettuce, so it's important to thoroughly wash your greens. Sarah explains the basic process: Put your lettuce into a big bowl of super cold water, agitate it a little bit with your hands and let it sit in the bowl for a while. 

"Eventually, the grit and the soil that may be attached to the lettuce will settle," Rach points out, "so you can lift off clean lettuce from the top."

"Depending on how dirty your lettuce is, maybe it will take two or three times," Sarah adds. "And then you just lift it out into your salad spinner."

When you bring your lettuce home from the store, always wash it right away. Then, dry it and put it in a food-safe resealable bag with paper towels to keep it from getting too shocked by the cold.


If your herbs start to look a little dead, don't toss them just yet! They might just need a little "zhuzhing" in an ice bath, Sarah says.

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