Weight Loss Makeover: Woman Who Lost 220 Lbs In 2 Years Gets Glam Head-to-Toe Makeover

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Playing Weight-Loss Makeover | Glam Style & Beauty Makeover For Woman Who Lost Half Her Size

Meet Jaime: she's 38 years old and from Long Island, New York. Oh, and she lost 220 pounds in less than two years (!!). "My highest weight was 437 pounds," Jaime says. "I realized I had to make a change."

After learning more about weight-loss surgery and realizing it wasn't the "quick fix" she thought it was, Jaime decided she wanted to lose the weight on her own. She started exercising and eating a ketogenic diet, and Jaime says she lost 50 pounds every 3 months.

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After hearing her inspiring weight-loss story, we knew we wanted to do something extra special for Jaime — so we hooked her up with a super glam head-to-toe makeover. And who better to bring the glam than the one and only Gretta Monahan?

"This makeover, it's just going to take me to next-level Jaime," Jaime says. "For a long time, I was in the shadows; I was invisible. And now, I'm stepping into the light."

Hear Jaime's full story and see the stunning makeover reveal in the video above. 

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