What Are Tiger Nuts + Why Are They Good For You?

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Max Lugavere, author of Genius Foods, joined Rach once again to reveal the superfoods that are trending in 2019.

What's one that made the cut? Tiger nuts.

Just like the coconut, tiger nuts are not actually nuts (and they don't have anything to do with tigers), Max says. They are tubers, he explains, meaning they grow under the soil.

"They're rich in prebiotics," Max goes on. "What that implies is that they're very good for bacteria that lives in the gut."

Now, as Rachael discovered from her taste test, tiger nuts are very dense, and as Max says, "they can give your jaw a workout."

BUT the good news is that they're beneficial for the digestive system. "They act like a broom," he notes, because the plant-based source of protein is full of fiber.

Pro tip: According to Max, sliced tiger nuts are popular as a yogurt topping. (He says they surprisingly have a sweet aftertaste!)

As always, if you suffer from food allergies, check with your doctor before introducing a new food to your diet.

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