What Is An Acupressure Mat and Does It Really Work?

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Playing Should You Try An Acupressure Mat? Dr. Travis Stork Explains What It Is, How It Works + More

Have you heard of an acupressure mat and wondered what it actually does?

Dr. Travis Stork from "The Doctors" explains how this mat works to target pressure points on your body that can help relieve pain and make you feel more relaxed.

Acupressure mats look a bit like yoga mats, except they have little plastic spikes sticking out. Some mats come with a pillow, too (which also has the spikes, just so you're aware!).

So, why the spikes? Well, acupressure mats are popular now, but the idea stems from an old tradition in India of lying on a bed of nails.

Sounds painful, right? We certainly think so, but according to Dr. Travis, if used correctly this product can actually make you feel super relaxed.

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"It's pretty intense the first time you lay on it," he warns, "so obviously talk to your doctor before you try this."

Dr. Travis — who gets acupuncture, too — says that now that he's used to the mat, he'll (gently!) lay down on his acupressure mat for about 15 minutes before bed. The relief you can get from using an acupressure mat is similar to the healing benefits of acupuncture, he says.

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"What it does is it induces a state of relaxation," the doctor says.

You can find acupressure mats online for around $30, according to Dr. Travis.

Curious about what they look like? Check out the video above! 

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