What Is The Best Way To Boil An Egg? Soft, Medium, or Hard-Boiled, Rach Breaks It Down

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When it comes to learning how to cook, it's important to start with the basics. Rach has some tips for how to cook an egg to make sure they come out just how you like them every time. 

The temperature of the eggs is important.  

"I keep my eggs room temperature if they're less than two weeks out. If I'm going to use eggs quickly, I keep them at room temperature on the counter in a wire egg basket just like my grandpa did," shares Rach.  

Water temperature is also key.  

Rach makes sure to put her eggs in cold water before bringing that pot to a boil.  

Cook time depends on how you like your eggs. 

  • For a jammy egg (still gushy in the middle) — 3 minutes  
  • For a medium egg — 5 minutes  
  • For a hard-boiled egg (still yellow on the inside)  — 11 minutes  

Start counting the minutes your egg is cooking AFTER water comes to full rolling boil. 

"Once the pot comes to a boil, I put the lid on the pot and I take it off of the burner and count the minutes after the full rolling boil. And the full rolling boil is when I count the time on the egg. That's really important," Rach says.   

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