What Olive Oil Is Best For Cooking? Rachael Answers

olive oil
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We all know that Rach loves her EVOO — but every olive oil has its purpose. And some can be cooked with and some are meant for finishing & drizzling, Rach says.

She breaks it down.

Question: "What do you mean when you say good olive oil? I'm never sure what to buy. So many choices!"
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Answer: "Olive oil that you can see through has been filtered to some degree," she explains. "If you can see through olive oil, including mine, you can bring it to a high enough cooking temperature that you can make cutlets. If you can see through it and it's kind of golden with just a tiny bit of a green tint to it, [you] can still cook with [it]."

"What I mean [by] fancy olive oil is if you're finishing something or making a salad dressing or dipping bread," she goes on, "you use olive oil that you keep in a dark container to protect it from light and it's literally green and fruity and smells bitter and very fragrant."

Not to mention that for the sake of your wallet, you might not want to use a ton of fancy olive oil at one time.

"Olive oil you can cook with [is] a lot cheaper than fancy olive oil that you drizzle and finish with," Rach says.

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