What’s The Best Way to Make Scrambled Eggs? Cooking Teacher Shares Step-by-Step Instructions

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Scrambled eggs are one of the most popular breakfast dishes around — but the last thing you want in the morning is a plate of burnt or dried out eggs. So, how do you ensure they turn out fluffy and moist? 

We asked chef and cooking teacher Rosemary Shrager to answer common kitchen questions like this (plus how to fix crumbly or wet pastry dough and the right way to thicken vinaigrette so it won’t turn out too watery). Here, she explains how to make perfect scrambled eggs. 

Rosemary Says... 

“So many people do scrambled eggs wrong! Here’s the right way to do it,” she says.  

1. Add butter to small frying pan. 

2. In separate bowl, whisk eggs well. 

3. Heat butter in frying pan and add eggs. 

4. On low heat, gradually bring in the egg to the center of the pan. What you are trying to achieve is medium lumps. 

5. Just before completely cooked, remove the eggs from the heat. They will continue to cook in the pan. 

6. Place on toast. 

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