Why Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque Swears By Electrolyte Water

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It probably hasn't even crossed your mind to worry about this, but according to Kelly LeVeque—nutritionist to celebrities like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner—your water might actually be missing a key ingredient: electrolytes.

"The goal for hydration is eight glasses of water a day and/or half your body weight in ounces," says Kelly. But whether or not you're meeting that requirement, the Body Love Every Day author says one thing is absolutely key: "That you're adding back in electrolytes.”

"Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals that support cellular hydration," says Kelly, not to mention supporting blood pressure, blood sugar balance, muscle contractions, and the nervous system, too. "They are absolutely critically important to your proper hydration."

In Kelly's case, she believes adding electrolytes to her water has helped boost her milk supply while nursing and made a major difference in her ability to feel energized and focused.

Watch the video above for more — including a note on what kind of electrolyte mixes you want to avoid while shopping.

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