Wife Can't Stop Crying When Hubby Gets Huge Surprise From NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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In honor of our 13th season, we're turning the number 13 into a lucky one by giving thirteen of our viewers incredible surprises all season long (like this huge fan of Rachael's!).

We got to make a seriously big dream come true for Justin and Bridget from Thorsby, Alabama.

Bridget wrote into the show about her husband, who is a *HUGE* NASCAR buff, and a superfan of driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. (he even has a lifesize cardboard cut-out of the driver in their home!).

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Naturally, we had to set up a surprise meeting. (They thought they were coming to New York just to be part of the studio audience). Watch Justin's reaction to meeting Dale in the video above! (Let's just say Bridget got a bit emotional: "He loves you so much and I'm just so excited for that!”)

But the surprises didn't stop there. Justin and Bridget (and Justin's dad Allen, who inspired his son's love of racing) also got the couple tickets to the one race left on their bucket list: Darlington in South Carolina.

"We were just so excited to be here… and getting to meet [Rachael]... This is a dream come true!" gushes Bridget.

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