The Best Way to Baste Your Thanksgiving Turkey

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Playing Chef Emeril Shows You How to Baste Your Thanksgiving Turkey

If you’re looking to get schooled on the correct way to baste your turkey this Thanksgiving, it’s hard to find a better teacher than chef Emeril Lagasse.

“One of my favorite things to [cook] is a roast chicken,” Emeril says. “I like to baste the chicken. We don’t baste enough!”

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Why even bother to baste? Among the benefits, according to Emeril: It gets the turkey’s skin nice and crisp. Plus, it really brings out the turkey’s color, which will go a long way towards impressing your guests when it’s finally put out on the table.

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And it's easy—just make sure you close your oven door.

“That’s where people make a big mistake,” he says. “They leave the oven open when they’re going do the basting, and then they have to wait another 15-20 minutes [because the heat escapes].”

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