The Adorable Reason Rach Tells Hubby John ‘I Ert You’ Instead of ‘I Love You’

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For our Valentine’s Day show, Rach made John’s favorite food -- pasta carbonara -- and he made her a yummy Rose Champagne Spritzer. While they worked in the kitchen, they chatted about their almost-20-year romance.

When Rach and John write cards for each other, they don’t write, “I love you,” they write, “I ert you.” The reason why is nothing short of adorable.

Rach explains, “The first time John told me he loved me, he left me a message that I still have almost 20 years later, I keep resaving it.

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He was very angry with me, telling me, ‘I’m a very independent man, and I’m not used to not feeling good when I’m not with another person. It’s just that other girls, they’re just inert. They’re just not interesting. And you’re so ert! I love you.’”

Awww, how sweet! Watch to see Rach present John with his Valentine’s Day present this year (hint… it involves dried meat).

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