Luke Wilson on Filming Will Ferrell's Streaking Scene in 'Old School'


Playing Luke Wilson on Filming Will Ferrell's Streaking Scene in 'Old School'
Luke Wilson on Filming Will Ferrell's Streaking Scene in 'Old School' Aired August 11, 2017

It’s been 14 years since ‘Old School’ came out, but it remains a cult comedy classic. The film’s star Luke Wilson stopped by to reminisce and share some behind-the-scenes secrets.

He revealed, “You know when Will Ferrell’s character Frank the Tank runs naked down the street? He really ran naked. You’ve gotta remember, this was 15 years ago, so people didn’t really know who we were.

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We were filming in Pasadena in this nice neighborhood, and I just remember this old couple watching and looking like, ‘What is happening to the world?’”

Not only did Ferrell really streak down a residential street, he did it the entire night! Wilson says it took all night to shoot, but says Ferrell “was a good sport” about it.

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Wilson recently lent his voice to his first animated feature, playing a dog named Bodi in the film “Rock Dog.’ He said of the experience, “It was funny to play a kid version of a dog because the director would say, ‘Let’s get it a little younger, Luke.’ And I’d tried to change my voice and he’d say, ‘A little younger.’ And I would say, ‘I’m 45!’ I would be exhausted at the end of the day trying to sound like a kid.”

His co-star Eddie Izzard plays a Keith Richards-esque rock ‘n roll cat. Wilson says of shooting with the hilarious Izzard, “We’d do scenes together just standing at a microphone and I’d eventually just sit down. It was like being at one of his comedy shows. He would just go on and on and on.”

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Wilson also chatted about some of his other films, like ‘Bottle Rocket,’ “The Family Stone” and more. Watch the video below to hear about Wilson’s hilarious interactions with young girls about “Legally Blonde”!


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