The Story Behind The Photos: A Trip Down Memory Lane With 'Bye Bye Birdie' Actress Ann-Margret

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From “Bye Bye Birdie” and “Viva Las Vegas” to “Carnal Knowledge” and “Grumpy Old Men,” Ann-Margret has made some of the most iconic films in Hollywood history.

Of the long list of films she’s appeared in, she says, “I have learned from every single one -- I think now I’ve done about 60 of them. I’ve certainly learned from the clunkers too, and there have been several.”

Come along as Ann-Margret takes us on a personal tour of some of her most fascinating Hollywood moments:

Rachael Ray Show

Ann-Margret joined Bob Hope and many other notables in performing for servicemen during the Vietnam War. “This was 1968 with Bob Hope and there were 85 of us. I think this was Danang,” she says of the above pic.

Rach asks, “Were you ever scared to go on those tours?”

Ann-Margret’s response: “Are you kidding? My guys would never let me get hurt.”

Rachael Ray Show

What’s going on in this wild pic? “Oh my gosh, that’s Mr. George Sidney who directed me in ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ and ‘Viva Las Vegas,’ and this is ‘The Swinger,’” Ann-Margret says. “And that’s vegetable dye and I couldn’t get it off for three weeks!”

Rachael Ray Show

The lucky lady got to co-star with the hilarious and handsome Dean Martin, and says, “He was so funny, so adorable, and very graceful -- he was a boxer. You know what he called me? Every morning he would say, ‘Hi, Sweet Thang.” So I named one of my kitties Sweet Thang!”

Ann-Margret’s latest co-stars are no slouches either: she joins Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin and Michael Caine in ‘Going in Style,’ and says, “These guys, they’re so adorable, when I look at them, I see them as 17-year-olds.”

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She says of the film, which hits theaters April 7, “This movie is about friendship and the fact that, when you hit a certain age, that does not mean that you’re dead.”

Rachael Ray Show

But the most important leading man over the course of her life is, of course, her husband of almost 50 years Roger Smith. She says she knew on the third date she would marry him, “I knew when I was 17 that I was going to be married one time and here’s proof.” Even after 5 decades, she says, “We still like each other!”

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