Whitney Cummings: I Landed My 'Unforgettable' Role Because I Was on Painkillers

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Playing Whitney Cummings: I Landed My 'Unforgettable' Role Because I Was on Painkillers

We have a confession to make -- we love Whitney Cummings. She is so hilarious that we seriously want to hang out with her every day. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the crazy way she thinks she got her role in her new movie, “Unforgettable.”

She plays Rosario Dawson’s best friend in the thriller, and she says it’s not a typical role for her. “I’m not the go-to girl for the stable best friend. … I usually play the idiot who like, lost her baby in a poker game,” she jokes.

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The story of her audition is truly legendary. A few years back, she had her eggs frozen, and was on bedrest recovering from the procedure when she got a call from her people: “They loved your audition.” Her response? “I was like, what audition?”

“I had been on painkillers and I totally forgot that I taped the audition. I guess the only way I can come off as a supportive, nice friend is to medicate,” she jokes.

In “Unforgettable,” Katherine Heigl plays a “psycho Barbie” character who is not too happy when her husband leaves her and later wants to marry Rosario’s character. Whitney jokes that she can’t relate to Katherine’s character at all. “I’ve never been a psycho ex, because I don’t let anyone break up with me,” she says.

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All joking aside, Whitney has a therapeutic new hobby. She grew up around horses, and recently incorporated them back into her life by doing equine therapy, which means that she works with rescue horses to help find balance in her own life.

She even bought her own horse, and it didn’t take a celeb bank account to do it. She tells Rach, “My horse is a very fancy dressage horse who was going to be [put down]. I bought him for $1 and I rescued him.”

Whitney is also the pet mama to several cute dogs. See the photographic proof below:

She works with the Los Angeles-based Love Leo Rescue, and she says that funds donated by Rach’s Nutrish pet food company helped the organization save a very special pooch recently.

Marley is a one-year-old-dog who was very badly abused, but with the Nutrish dollars, they were able to get him the skull and dental surgeries he needed. Dogs like Marley are available for adoption, just follow @loveleorescue on Instagram for more details.

Check out Whitney’s chat with Rach about her work with animals below:

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