Rach Tears Up Talking About One of Her Favorite TV Shows

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Cue the feels!

When Judith Light visited our kitchen table, Rach couldn't help but get emotional talking about the actress' hit series, the groundbreaking — and Emmy-winning — "Transparent."

"It's one of my favorite shows, and I think it's so groundbreaking," says Rach, comparing the Amazon series about a transgender woman (played by Jeffrey Tambor) and her family to the '70s classic "All in the Family."

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She continues, "It's so transformative — it's changed the nation in so many ways. And you know what I love about it now? It's become so mainstream. It's already in syndication, seasons 1 and 2. And everybody loves the show!"

Rachael Ray Show

That's when Rach started to tear up. "This is a show that started out — I think people thought it was going to be a niche, and it isn't," she says, visibly moved. "It's just straight-up about love and family, and it's so relatable. I get worked up just talking about it."

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And Judith was particularly touched. "I see that you do! Thank you so much for that."

"This show is educating people in so many different ways," the actress adds, "but without being pedantic or didactic."

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Rach agrees, "Without pointing fingers!"

Here, here!

For more from Judith -- including scoop on the latest season and the benefits of getting a flu shot - watch the video above!

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