"Jessica Jones" Star Krysten Ritter LOVES Having an Action Figure (and We Love Her For It!)

by Rose Marie Walano 7:43 PM, November 13, 2017

Aired November 14, 2017

How cute is she?!

Krysten Ritter may play one FIERCE woman on Netflix's "Jessica Jones," but when it came to discussing having her own action figure on our show, she could not help but giggle!

"It is so much fun to see you as a doll!" Rach squeals, playing with the mini Jessica Jones.

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And Krysten was just as thrilled. "It's pretty cool!" she says. "I also like that she kind of has a cute butt." LOL!

And Krysten wasn't the only one serving up jokes!

"You know, there's a fake Rachael in the wax museum, and she got bigger boobs and a bigger engagement ring than I got!" says Rach, cracking Krysten up.

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But seriously, Krysten loves her mini-me. "It never gets old," she says. "I have them all in a line. It's pretty crazy! She looks like me — I love it!"

We love it, too, girl!

(And if you want to continue the laughs, PLEASE watch Krysten attempt -- and fail -- to teach Rach how to knit below!)