Oprah's Christening Gift to Tyler Perry's Son (A.K.A. Her Godson!) Was Exactly What You’d Expect

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired November 20, 2017

Not only does 3-year-old Aman Tyler Perry have the hilarious Tyler Perry as a dad -- but did you know that he also has two epic, famous godmothers?!

Oprah Winfrey and Cicely Tyson!

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"[He has] a lot to live up to," Tyler says. "'They set the bar pretty high, dude. You better get to work! I know you’re just three.'"

And as to be expected, Oprah is already setting him off on the right foot!

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For Aman’s christening, Tyler revealed that Oprah gifted him -- you guessed it -- BOOKS!

"Baskets and baskets of books," Tyler stresses.

Honestly, what else would the book club QUEEN do?! ?

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