Do You Think This Mind-Reading Magician Can Guess What You Had for Lunch Just by Looking at You?

by Rose Marie Walano 3:00 AM, June 11, 2018

Aired June 11, 2018

Us = 😲

You know we here at the "Rachael Ray" show love a good magician — and considering the number of talented magical guests we've had on, the bar is set HIGH.

But world-renowned mentalist Lior Suchard ABSOLUTELY rose to the challenge!

Fresh off the plane from Tel Aviv, Lior stepped onto our set (in quite the fancy checked suit, Rach noted!) and immediately put our fearless leader to work, having her imagine something — anything — she ate.

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Rach didn't say a single word about the food — okay, a few words; she noted that she ate it in a bowl — but one look into her eyes and he was convinced he knew the grub on her mind, which he then wrote down on a card.

And sure enough, he DID know!

When finally prompted, Rach reveals, "Yesterday, as part of a segment, I made some crispy portobello mushroom…cutlets. And at lunch, I had [the culinary team] keep one warm, and I had a salad… and I put the crispy portobello on top of the salad. So it was a crispy portobello salad."

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That's when Lior flipped over his card, which read "Salad Portobello Mushrooms."


Rachael was so charmed, she kissed him on the cheek!

Watch her — and the audience — react in the video above!

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