The Real-Life "Moana" Talks About Her First TV Kiss for "Rise" (Her Mom Was Watching!)

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The last time the real-life "Moana," Auli'i Cravalho, visited us, she surprised one of her teeniest superfans while she was singing her heart out (belting a "Moana" tune, of course!) on our stage. (Watch the video and just TRY not to tear up!)

But this time, Auli'i didn't have us crying — she had us cracking up!

The Hawaiian actress is the star of the just-premiered musical series "Rise," and as part of her role, she experienced her first onscreen kiss — under SLIGHTLY awkward circumstances!

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"You're so close your mom," Rach notes. "It must be awkward if your mom is right over there, and you have dating drama. Even if you're fake making out, you're still making out in front of your mom!"

Driving the point, she screamed, "That's so weird!"

Auli'i's response? "YEAH!” she agrees, slowly sliding off the table. “It’s so weird.”

"Is it more weird for you or her, you think?" asks Rach.

In Auli'i’s opinion, definitely her mom.

Case in point: "I actually got to have my first, you know, kiss and stuff with [‘Hamilton’ alum] Damon Gillespie, who plays Robbie in our show, and he's fantastic. He's so sweet.”

But that didn’t stop her mom from making sure he didn't get fresh. “[She] talked to him before the kiss scene,” says Auli’i.

"Oh, I bet she talked to him!" says Rach, laughing.

"And it was completely respectful! There was no tongue, there was no — mmhmm," jokes Auli'i, shaking her head vigorously. "None of that.”

We call that a WIN for mom! ?

For more from Auli'i — including how she's reprising her role as Moana in the upcoming "Wreck It Ralph 2" — watch the video above!

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