Rachael and Donald Trump? "ABC World News Tonight" Host David Muir Shares His Dream Dinner Party Guest List

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Ever play that classic game where you list the people — alive or dead — you'd love to have at your dream dinner party?

You know the game, right?

Well, it's one of Rachael's favorites! Which is why she frequently asks her guests who they'd love to have at theirs.

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While Rachael says that, for the record, she would love to have Albert Einstein, her grandfather and her first dog, Boo, she posed the question to her latest guest, "ABC World News Tonight" host David Muir, and he had QUITE the unexpected answer for her!

"Well, because we're talking so much about the news today, why don't I just throw this out there," says David. "Why don't you come to dinner with me, Kim Jong-Un and the president, [Donald Trump]."

Could you IMAGINE?

Rach jokes, "Now, why hasn't that occurred to anyone? It's the most obvious table to set."

"It should have been obvious," says David. "We should have received a call from the White House! But we'll work on that."

With a fresh meal whipped up by Rachael, maybe they could all bring about world peace! Eh?

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An equally eye-popping meal, though, is the one that David brought Rach — a white Daisy Cakes creation all the way from South Carolina! (FYI, though, they ship to all 50 states.)

That David! Such a class act.

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