11 Easy and Delish Ice Cream Recipes to Make at Home

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by Lisa Lozano

Happy National Ice Cream Day! To celebrate, we’re sharing 10 delicious ice cream recipes you can easily make at home, and as a bonus, scroll all the way to the bottom for our homemade two-ingredient “Magic Sauce” chocolate sauce recipe that hardens when you pour it over ice cream!

No. 1: Camouflage Ice Cream

Rachael Ray Show

This fun ice cream looks like camouflage when you scoop it! And it’s so easy to make! Start with a chocolate ice cream, a light brown ice cream like coffee, and a green ice cream like mint or pistachio. Then, just scoop randomly from the three containers into a loaf pan, periodically using another loaf pan to squish everything down and push the air pockets out. Put back into the freezer and refreeze the ice cream, then just scoop and serve. The scoops will be camouflage patterned.

No. 2: Watermelon Ice Cream Pops

Rachael Ray Show

This is the perfect treat to eat at the end of a hot day on the back porch, and your kids will love making it almost as much as they will enjoy eating it! Take two pints of softened strawberry ice cream and stir in mini chocolate chips. Pour into a loaf pan that has been lined with plastic wrap to assist with removal. Then, top with a layer of softened pistachio ice cream. Insert a number of popsicle sticks in a row down the middle of the pan, and pop into the freezer to let it set up. When refrozen, unmold and slice into individual pops – you’re done!

No. 3: Milk and Cereal Ice Cream

Rachael Ray Show

This last ice cream is a fun recipe to make if you’re stuck inside with the kids on a hot day. Take softened vanilla ice cream and mix in “milk powder” and your favorite cereal. Pop the mixed ice cream into a container and put back in the freezer to re-freeze. Scoop and serve with a little marshmallow sauce on top! Delish!

No. 4: Clodagh McKenna's Baileys Irish Soda Bread Ice Cream

Rachael Ray Show

Wait… what!? Soda bread IN your ice cream? Where do we sign up! Clodagh McKenna (known as the “Irish Rachael Ray”) toasts soda bread crumbs with brown sugar and folds them into a beautiful vanilla custard. Then, simply pop in the freezer and stir every so often – no ice cream maker necessary!

Tip: After you remove the seeds from a fresh vanilla bean, dry the bean and add it to a container of sugar to get vanilla-flavored sugar.

No. 5: Lozza’s Sticky Toffee Ice Cream

Rachael Ray Show

This amazingly delicious ice cream uses Medjool dates as the base for a sticky toffee to blend with vanilla ice cream. Perfection!

No. 6: Banana 'Ice Cream' Fakeout

Rachael Ray Show

This delicious frozen treat, while very similar to ice cream, is actually made primarily from bananas! Just freeze chunks of banana, then puree with a small amount of milk until it reaches a whipped consistency. Yum!

No. 7: Bananas and Cookie Spread Ice Cream

Rachael Ray Show

This fake-out banana recipe is very similar to the above, but adds Speculoos “cookie butter” spread for a creamy, but still somewhat healthy, treat!

No. 8: Sunny Anderson's Carrot Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches

Rachael Ray Show

Sunny’s recipe starts with a homemade carrot cake ice cream (we know… sounds amazing!) that is then sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies. Delish!

No. 9: Buddy Valastro's Leftover Candy Ice Cream

Rachael Ray Show

This cleverly simple recipe calls for a gallon of pre-made vanilla ice cream, softened and then blended with any candy that you like! Pop it back in the freezer to re-set, and you’re done!

No. 10: Richard Blais' Violet Dry Ice Cream

Rachael Ray Show

If you’re a fan of Richard Blais from Top Chef, you know that he loves to experiment with avant garde food preparation, so this interesting ice cream won’t surprise you. He makes a quick violet-flavored ice cream using dry ice, then uses liquid nitrogen to quick freeze caramel corn and marshmallows for a delicious topping.

No. 11: DIY “Magic” Chocolate Sauce

Rachael Ray Show

You know how you can buy that “magic” chocolate sauce at the grocery store that hardens when you pour it onto your ice cream? Well, Grant figured out how to make it at home with only two ingredients! Just melt chocolate chips in coconut oil and stir until well combined. Pour on top of your ice cream, let it sit a minute, and watch it firm up!

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Tell us in the comments.

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