9 Fantastic 2-Ingredient Desserts You Can Make Straight from Your Pantry

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by Lisa Lozano

The school year is starting and if you’re a mom, you’ll probably find yourself in need of a quick and easy dessert. Or, whether you have kids or not, you might just find yourself craving a late-night snack but don’t have the ingredients to make something complicated. Either way, Sunny Anderson has the answer to your prayers – nine super easy recipes that you can make with items you might already have in your fridge and pantry! Bookmark these recipes, because you’re probably going to need them!

No.1: Black Cow Cake

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This yum cake features one box of chocolate cake mix, and a 12-once bottle of root beer! How easy could that be? The carbonation creates a light and fluffy cake without having to whip any egg whites! You can also change this recipe up, like by using a vanilla cake mix and lemon-lime soda!

No. 2: Lemon Mousse

This literally couldn’t be easier. Just fold lemon curd into Cool Whip, and chill! Done!

No. 3: Bananas and Cookie Spread Ice Cream

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This amazing recipe is so simple, yet so decadent. Just whirl up some sliced frozen bananas and Speculoos cookie butter in your food processor! Scoop out and eat!

No. 4: Banana Nutella Ice Cream

Like the above recipe, you just mix frozen sliced bananas with Nutella! Banana, chocolate and hazelnut ice cream? Yes, please!

No. 5: Banana Oatmeal Cookies

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Bananas and oats. That’s it! Mix up, spoon onto a cookie sheet, and bake.

No. 6: Pumpkin Blondies

If you want to fall-ify a tray of blondies, just add a can of pumpkin to a box of blondie mix! Instant pumpkin blondies!

No. 7: Peanut Butter Oats Granola Cookies

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Like the above recipe, except with chunky peanut butter and oats. So simple and so delish!

No. 8: Flourless Nutella Cakes

These delicious mini-cakes feature only Nutella and eggs!

No. 9: Maple Soufflés

These delish treat would be perfect for a brunch. The only ingredients are eggs and a small amount of maple syrup, so this is a dessert you don’t have to feel guilty about.

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