You Have to See This Woman’s Art -- Made of Meatloaf!

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We love showcasing our viewers’ many talents because they never fail to impress us -- and Carol, author of “Meatloaf Outside the Pan,” is no different!

She makes adorable artwork out of meatloaf.


The idea dawned on her several years ago when she was preparing for visiting family.

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"I was going to make a meatloaf, among other things, because it’s great [for] leftovers," Carol explains, "And I thought, 'Why have it look so boring?'"

So, that’s when her first masterpiece -- a meatloaf wreath made with green beans and red sauce -- was born!

Since then, she’s tackled everything from a football to a bouquet of flowers, to a root beer float and a lobster. Check them all out here!

As for our personal favorite? This cute pup!

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If you’re wondering how exactly Carol brought this one to life, she used eggplant for the ears, mashed potatoes for the nose and mouth, and meat for the tongue (her butcher helped her pick the right type of meat!).

After all, what goes better with meatloaf than veggies and mashies?

We just can’t get enough!

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