The Best Way to Store Potatoes and Onions, According to Rach

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Forget the dishwasher-loading debate! There’s a new lover’s quarrel to settle.

When Rach took a question from Dawn and Mark, a couple shopping at an NYC market, she was asked to get in the middle of their squabble about the best way to store potatoes and onions.

Her simple answer? Nope, not the fridge, but right on the kitchen counter.

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"I keep [onions] dry and on the kitchen counter," Rach explains. "And any time I buy more onions, I rotate them."

"I keep my kitchen as cold as possible," she continues.

As for potatoes, Rach keeps them right next to the onions -- out of the bag and in a wire basket. But she doesn’t keep them around forever!

"When they get ‘eyes’ or they get soft," she advises, "I throw them away."

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Oh, and if they turn green, get rid of them ASAP!

"It isn’t good for you," Rach stresses.

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