Watch The Host of Viral YouTube Series "Hot Ones" Try Some CRAZY Foods — Including Silkworms!

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On his YouTube series “Hot Ones,” Sean Evans of "First We Feast" interviews celebrities while they eat their way through 10 successively spicier chicken wings.

Rachael herself even took on the challenge in 2016. She was the first guest who ever ate all 10 hot sauces straight off the spoon – even though, as Rach said, “about an hour later, everything in me was on fire. I seriously thought about going to the hospital!

In Sean’s words, “She was a champion!”

(That's our girl!)

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But this time, Rachael turns the table on Sean in a game of “Wild Ones” – where he’s answering questions while tasting crazy foods like head cheese, fermented shrimp…even silkworms!

“Now I know what it’s like to be trapped on my show,” he said during the game. “Sometimes I lose that perspective!”

Despite being subjected to the wild taste-test, Sean was kind enough to bring Rachael a gift -- a bottle of First We Feast’s very own hot sauce, “The Last Dab,” which is made with the hottest pepper in the world (it’s a 2 million on the Scoville heat scale, where a jalapeno is a 6,000).

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Rachael even flashes back to her “Hot Ones” experience and gives it a taste. And it was certainly hot. “Wow! I won’t be tasting anything for a year…I think I just took of the inside of my esophagus!”

Hear more from Sean in the video above!

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