Iced Coffee In 1 Minute?! Can The HyperChiller *Really* Cool Your Joe That Fast Without Diluting It?

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With warm-weather months fast approaching (we hope, at least!), iced coffee is on the brain.

And while we all have our go-to coffee shops, having the option of DIYing at home -- in ONE MINUTE -- sounds pretty darn great.

But is it actually possible?

Who better than the co-owner of Birch Coffee in NYC, Jeremy Lyman, to find out.

(Fun fact: Jeremy says that Birch's cold-brew coffee takes 24 HOURS to make! Wow.)

PRODUCT: HyperChiller
CLAIM: The patent-pending design claims it can chill a cup of hot coffee by up to 130+ degrees in 60 seconds -- without any dilution -- thanks to a two-layer stainless steel chamber that you freeze before pouring in the hot coffee (which the brand says is equivalent to pouring over 30 large ice cubes).

Watch the video above to see if Jeremy gives the HyperChiller a thumbs up or thumbs down!

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