These Are The Best Beers For Wine Lovers

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Wine lovers, if you think there's absolutely no beer that can steal your heart the way a nice glass of wine does, think again!

In fact, certified Cicerone (a.k.a. a beer PRO) and beer director at Treadwell Park in NYC, Anne Becerra, visited our show to kindly prove you wrong. ?

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"I don't think people realize just how many styles are available on the market," Anne says. "And beer and wine tend to share a lot of similar flavors."

(Spoiler alert: Rach herself prefers wine, but she tried both of Anne’s suggestions and liked them!)

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"It's a tart, sour wheat beer brewed with raspberries," Anne explains. "Like a rosé, it's going to have that fruitiness on the front [and] the tanginess and acidity at the finish."

"Very, very refreshing," she continues.

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IF YOU LOVE: Red wine
YOU WILL LIKE: Chimay Premiere (a Belgian Abbey Dubbel)

"It has a lot of the same flavors as a red wine -- that big, bold black currant dark fruit," Anne explains. "But [with] a little spice and a velvety mouthfeel."

Cheers to that -- and remember to always drink responsibly!

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