Our Best Baking Tips: The Genius, No-Mess Way to Measure Sticky Ingredients (It's More Accurate, Too!)

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Baking can already make the kitchen quite messy, so don't even get us started on dealing with sticky ingredients!

Aren't they the biggest pain to measure, too?!

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Well, culinary team member Grant Melton to the rescue.

He showed Rach a nifty trick for measuring ingredients like corn syrup or honey with NO MESS.

1. Line your measuring tool with plastic wrap
2. Fill it with the sticky ingredient
3. Poke the plastic wrap and squirt the ingredient into your mixing bowl

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SO smart, right?

Plus, you're more likely to get an accurate measurement, since you won’t be leaving a ton of your ingredient behind in the measuring cup — you can squeeze it all out of the plastic wrap!

Watch Rach do it seamlessly in the video above.

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