How to Butterfly a Chicken Breast

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If you've cooked chicken breast before, you know that it tends to be super-thick in the middle and thinner on the ends -- which means the chances of it drying out by the time the center is cooked are pretty high.

(Bummer, we know!)

But wait, there *is* a way to cook chicken breast faster and more evenly without sacrificing juiciness -- and it's called butterflying!

Lucky for you, when Rach was whipping up her Greek-Style Chicken Paillard (and basically when she makes ANY paillard dish), she showed you exactly how to butterfly in three simple steps.

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(It's much easier than it sounds, you'll see!)

1) Position the chicken breast so that the fattest part is facing your knife blade.

"You want the fattest part of the breast facing your knife blade," Rach explains, "so that would depend on if you're left or right-handed."

2) Cut into the chicken and start pulling it back like you're opening it like a book.

"You end up with a heart-shaped piece of chicken that's really one breast, but now double in size," she says.

3) Pound the chicken out nice and thin.

"When you're pounding chicken," Rach explains, "it's an even motion towards your body or away from your body."

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And that's all there is to it! Watch her demonstrate in the video above.

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