The Must-Have Item Your Kitchen Is Probably Missing

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Sure, chef Andrew Zimmern believes every kitchen should be stocked with the basics: a good knife, a solid set of cookware and a trusty cutting board, to name a few.

But when it comes to the one kitchen item he raves about, it may not be on the tip of your tongue. (But in Andrew’s eyes, it should be!).

"A good wok is your best friend," Andrew says.

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Not only does the Travel Channel star insist you can make essentially anything in one, he also points out that it’s a kitchen space-saver (they stack!).

And, trust, they pack a punch!

"In my stainless steel wok,” he explains, “I can do about a half gallon more of tomato sauce than I can in my 3-gallon pot, and I get more dispersal from it."

He didn’t stop there, saying that you could also steam FIVE POUNDS of asparagus in a 14-inch wok.

"I dare any other gadget to say that [it] can do that," he quips.

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The best part? A a long-lasting carbon-steel wok -- so sturdy, he says, you can probably hand it down to your children one day -- only costs about $30.

Just imagine the super low cost per use on that!

MAKE THIS: Andrew’s Velvet Chicken (that he makes in a wok!)

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