How To Temper Chocolate In a Microwave With Chocolatier Jacques Torres

Tempering chocolate may sound hard—but it's actually really easy to do in the microwave. Here's a how-to from legendary chocolatier Jacques Torres.

Making Cast-Iron Skillet Pizza *Might* Be Easier Than Ordering It

Everyone knows how to make pizza on a sheet pan or a pizza stone — but if you haven't made it in a cast-iron skillet, you're missing out.

A Chef's Tips For Buying Fish + The Best Way To Cook With Frozen Fish | Top Chef Richard Blais

You don't have to leave buying + cooking fish to the pros. "Top Chef" Richard Blais shares his top tips for buying fish + cooking it at home.

A Chef's Tips For Buying Fish + The Best Way To Cook With Frozen Fish

Everything you should look (+ smell) for when you're buying fish + the best way to cook frozen fish, according to "Top Chef" Richard Blais.

What's The Difference Between Tomato Sauce + Tomato Purée?

Tomato sauce + tomato puree may sound one and the same—but Rachael says there's a key difference.

What's The Difference Between Tomato Sauce + Tomato Puree? | Q & Ray + J

"There's a difference between tomato purée, tomato sauce *and* tomato passata," Rachael explains.

Why Does Rach Like DOP San Marzano Tomatoes For Cooking? | Q & Ray + J

"You should pay less money for domestic tomatoes. And if you're buying a nice San Marzano tomato, just make sure that it's actually from Italy," Rach says.

Why Does Rach Like DOP San Marzano Tomatoes For Cooking?

What are San Marzano tomatoes + why are DOP certified canned tomatoes more expensive? Rach explains why she specifies canned Italian tomatoes in recipes.

How Long Garlic Can Last In The Fridge, According To Rachael | Q & Ray + J

Rachael shares how long peeled garlic will stay fresh in the fridge and how she stores unpeeled garlic.

How Long Does Peeled Garlic Stay Fresh In The Fridge? Rach Answers

A viewer asked how long peeled garlic lasts in the fridge and Rachael answers.

Are You Forgetting This Step When You Freeze Bagels?

The owners of Bear's Cup — where Rach and John get their bagels up in the Adirondacks — are sharing their pro tips + tricks for freezing + reviving bagels.

Freezing Bagels The Right Way | You're Doing It Wrong | Bagel Shop Owner Tips + Tricks

The owners of Bear's Cup in Bolton Landing, New York (where Rach + John get their bagels!) break down the steps for freezing + reviving bagels.

Chef Christopher Kimball's Favorite Kitchen Gadgets Of 2021 So Far

Milk Street's Chris Kimball shows us some of his favorite kitchen gadgets of the year so far — and Rach can't get over the reusable toaster bags.

Toaster Bags Make Grilled Cheese + Leftover Pizza Even MORE Convenient

Chef Chris Kimball shares the kitchen gadgets he's loving in 2021 — like toaster bags for grilled cheese, washable sponge cloths that last 6 months + more.