Taco Tuesday Special: Rach's 7-Layer Tacos With Chicken + Chorizo

Rach makes tacos—hard-shell, of course (her fave)—and loads them up with 7 delicious layers, including a spiced-up chicken + chorizo filling.

How To Make 7 Layer Tacos With Chicken & Chorizo | Hard Shell Taco Recipe | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach pack these hard-shell tacos with 7 layers, including a spiced-up chicken + chorizo filling.

Rach's Easy Hard Shell Brisket Tacos, Thanks To a Shortcut Ingredient

Rach's quick fix for taco night—she loves the hard shell!—is brisket, thick-cut from any deli counter or grocery store.

Easy Mexican-Style Rice

This easy, kid-friendly recipe for Mexican-style rice uses pantry staples: brown rice, canned chickpeas and salsa.

How To Make A Hibiscus Margarita | John Cusimano

Watch John make a quick & easy hibiscus margarita using a discovery made by Rach's sister Maria: hibiscus flowers in syrup.

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Watch Rach show you how to make carnitas with pork butt or pork tenderloin.

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Watch Rach show you how to make this easy taco night side dish.

How To Make Black Beans | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach pull together this easy side of black beans.

Slow-Cook Pork Butt (Or Use Pork Tenderloin) For Rach's Carnitas Tacos

"For this dish, slow-cook it for 3 hours," Rach says. "With pork tenderloin, make it in half that time—but the cut of meat will cost more."

Easy Taco Night Side: Rach's Mexican-Style Red Rice

"We're making sofrito-style rice," Rach says, about the aromatic combo of carrots, onions + peppers used to flavor her Mexican red rice.

Rach's Easy Tex-Mex Black Beans

Rach adds a handful of ingredients to canned black beans for this easy Tex-Mex side dish.

Make John's Hibiscus Margarita For Your Next Taco Night

Store-bought hibiscus flowers in simple syrup are the secret ingredient behind John's easy margarita, but you can also make hibiscus simple syrup using tea.

How To Make Tomatillo Tostadas with Refried Beans | Rachael Ray

Rach makes a hearty vegetarian tostada with a tomatillo salsa + refried beans—watch her pull together this easy weeknight dinner.