Advice For 32-Year-Old Woman Whose Mom Is Obsessed With Finding Her a Boyfriend | Queer Eye's Karamo

"I am a 32-year-old nurse + I feel like I am doing pretty well for myself…[but] my mom is obsessed with finding me a boyfriend." Queer Eye's Karamo helps.

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Rach Explains Why She Doesn't Wear Her Original Engagement Ring

One viewer astutely realized that Rachael & John's wedding rings are different from their originals and asked about it. Rach & John explain why.

Rach Can Explain Why She Doesn't Wear Her Original Engagement + Wedding Rings | Q Ray & J

"I cook so much and platinum is such a fine metal that it burned my hand and my hand was so scarred, we couldn't hide it with makeup or powder."

I'm Scared Of Spending $$ — But My Husband Has No Problem With It

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Hilarious Exchange Between Rach & John About What They Ate On First Date (LOL & Awww)

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Work-Life Balance While Working From Home? It's Possible With These Tips From Barbara Corcoran

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How To Set Work-Life Boundaries When Working From Home

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