How To Make Spicy Cumin Lamb, Beef or Pork With Wide Noodles + Crushed Cucumber Salad | Rachael Ray

No one's going anywhere, so make your own take out! Watch Rach pull together a Chinese-inspired feast of spicy cumin wide noodles and crushed cucumber salad.

MYOTO: Spicy Cumin Lamb, Beef or Pork with Wide Noodles + Crushed Cucumber Salad

Make your own take out! Rach makes a crushed cucumber salad to go with spicy cumin wide noodles & your choice of lamb, beef or pork.

How To Make Coconut Fried Chicken With Sweet Hot Sauce | Marcus Samuelsson

Watch chef Marcus Samuelsson show how to make this flavor bomb of a platter of coconut fried chicken with sweet hot sauce.

Marcus Samuelsson's Coconut Fried Chicken with Sweet Hot Sauce

Coconut milk is key in Chef Marcus Samuelsson's coconut fried chicken — which also gets doused in a sweet hot sauce.

How To Make Piri Piri Sauce | Chef Curtis Stone

Piri Piri sauce is a vinegar-based hot sauce that blends fresh chiles and garlic until smooth—Chef Curtis Stone makes it in just minutes.

Curtis Stone Serves His Fried Chicken With This Spicy Piri Piri Sauce

While Curtis likes things spicy, his piri piri vinegar sauce is easily scaled down for milder palates!

How to Make Roasted Chicken Flavored With Compound Butter | Milk Street's Chris Kimball

Watch Milk Street's Chris Kimball show how easy it is to tons of flavor to classic roast chicken with a compound butter stuffed under the skin.

Spice Up Your Roast Chicken With Compound Butter—Here's How

The compound butter shown here is a blend of spicy serrano chiles + fresh herbs, but it’s easy to change up based on your preferences.

Weeknight Dinner: Rach's Spicy Spaghetti with Zucchini + Lemon

Rach makes a quick + simple spicy spaghetti with zucchini & lemon. Her secret ingredient? 'Nduja, aka Calabrian sausage paste.

How To Make Spaghetti with Zucchini and 'Nduja | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach pull together this spicy spaghetti dish with zucchini + lemon in minutes, thanks to a flavor-packed shortcut ingredient.

John Cusimano's Spicy Thai-tini

Thai basil + chiles from Rach’s latest MYOTO dish inspired her husband John's Thai martini.

How To Make a Spicy Thai Martini | John Cusimano

Rach's husband John Cusimano shakes up a spicy Thai-inspired martini made with vodka plus a few fresh ingredients.

Rach's Chorizo & Shrimp with Cheese Grits Was Inspired By John's Band!

Rach came up with this spicy, southern-inspired dish of shrimp & grits with chorizo for her husband John's band.

How To Make Chorizo & Shrimp With Cheese Grits | Rachael Ray

These grits are a little bit southern, a little bit Mexican & a whole lot of delicious. Watch Rach make Chorizo & Shrimp With Cheese Grits.