5 Home Gadgets That’ll Make Life Easier

Our lifestyle expert says these are the best tech gadgets for your home in 2023.

5 Cool Home Tech Gadgets for 2023

Lifestyle pro Carter Oosterhouse shows off his favorite gadgets for 2023: a smart plug, composter, smart water monitor, smart tire inflator and smart lights.

Actress Allison Williams Says Parents May Rethink How Their Kids Interact With Technology After Seeing M3GAN

Actress Allison Williams explains that her hit movie M3GAN is actually a commentary on the impact that technology has on children—for better or worse.

Bunny the "Talking Dog" Leaves Rach—and Us—Speechless

Meet Bunny the "Talking Dog," a sheepadoodle who became internet-famous for "talking" to her owner using a button system.

We Are in Awe of the Internet-Famous Bunny the Talking Dog

Watch Bunny the "Talking Dog" tell her human that she loves her and you'll understand why we're speechless.

We Had a Teen In NYC Try 5 Meditation Apps

We asked a high school senior in NYC to try 5 top meditation apps. She shares which ones helped manage feelings of anxiety best during the pandemic.

We Tried 5 Blue Light Glasses From $18 - $145 & Here's What We Thought

We tried blue light glasses from "The Sleep Doctor," Felix Gray, Warby Parker, Urban Outfitters & Privé Riveaux — from $18 to $145. Here's what we thought.

Tech Expert Takes You On a Tour of Her Smart Home Gadgets

We're spending more time at home during Covid, so why not make your home as convenient as possible? Here's what lifestyle expert Chi-Lan Lieu is loving.

Tech Expert Takes You On a Tour of Her Smart Home Gadgets | Chi-Lan Lieu

"I thought I'd take you on a tech tour of my house, so you can see what makes the cut in terms of smart home gadgets," Chi-Lan Lieu says.

Smart Backpack Demo: Popar SwagBag LED Backpack | Tech Expert Katie Linendoll

A smart backpack for kids? Popar SwagBag is an LED smart bag that displays videos, 3D animations, images, text + custom designs.

ClearUP Handheld Gadget Demo For Sinus Relief | Tech Expert Katie Linendoll

ClearUP is a small handheld device that claims to relieve sinus pain + pressure from allergies, tech expert Katie Linendoll says.

Exclusive First Look: Hover-1 Dynamo Electric Vehicle | Tech Expert Katie Linendoll

The Hover-1 Dynamo modular mini commuter goes at speeds up to 25 mph, has turn signals, headlights and an LCD screen, tech expert Katie Linendoll says.

3D Images | HYPERVSN Holographic Display Demo | Tech Expert Katie Linendoll

HYPERVSN brings customizable 3D images to holographic life, says tech expert Katie Linendoll. She demonstrates how the new technology works.

The Coolest Fitness Tech For 2020

Fitness tech that could make your at-home workouts more effective — and maybe even fun? Count us in!