You'll Never Believe the Transformations of our Best 7 Long Hair Makeovers!

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 23, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

We’ve done countless makeovers on our show over the years, but these 7 long hair makeovers are truly awe-inspiring. From a woman’s first haircut ever at almost 30, to a guy who had the same hairstyle since the 80s, to a mom who wanted to stop looking like a little girl, check out the amazing before and afters below!

No. 1: Cancer Survivor Charlie’s Long Hair Makeover

Two-time cancer survivor, Charlie, 59, had been known for her beautiful long hair for her entire life. After surviving uterine cancer at 23 but not losing any hair, a young child with cancer told her that she wished for long beautiful hair. After that point, Charlie cut her hair every couple years to donate to kids with cancer. Cancer returned when she was 50 and this time, her hair was not spared. She has grown her hair back, but is ready for a change. Watch below to see the truly amazing reveal!


No. 2: Diane’s ‘Lady Godiva’ Long Hair Makeover

To celebrate turning 50, Diane took off her super-long and super-thick Lady Godiva-style blonde hair. Watch the shocking reveal below!


No. 3: Helene’s First-ever Haircut Makeover

Helene’s remarkable story started as a child. As the first girl in a family with two older brothers, her mom wanted a long-haired girl so never cut her daughter’s hair. As she grew up, she decided to keep the tradition and now her hair is so long that it drags on the floor and she has to carry her hair and wear high heels to avoid stepping on it! Watch below to see her stunning transformation courtesy of Kyan Douglas!


No. 4: Irene’s Five-foot-long Haircut Makeover

Rachael Ray Show

And believe it or not, that wasn’t our only makeover in which a person’s hair touched the floor! Irene grew her hair for 14 years before she came to us for a haircut and her hair was taller than her husband! Watch to see her extreme makeover.


No. 5: Charity’s Mature Long Hair Makeover

Rachael Ray Show

Mom Charity was tired of her long locks causing her to be mistaken for a little girl when out with her sons. She knew it was time for a change, and to her surprise, model Chrissy Teigen showed up to help her achieve a new look! Watch below to see her fabulous, grown-up reveal. This mom won’t be mistaken for a kid again!


No. 6: Rocket Scientist Greg’s Long Hair Makeover

Rachael Ray Show

It’s not just the ladies who need a haircut! Greg is a rocket scientist whose mom requested that he cut his hair, which he hadn’t done in 12 years! His mom is hoping a haircut will help him to get a date! Watch below for his sexy new look!


No. 7: Mike’s 80s Long Hair Makeover

Rachael Ray Show

And Greg wasn’t the only guy who cut his long locks on our show. Mike’s girlfriend Tara urged him to cut his hair after he’s been rocking the same long hairstyle since the ‘80s! Watch to see his handsome new look below.

Which of these life-changing makeovers was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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