Can’t Sleep? These 3 Products Claim to Fix the Most Annoying Sleep Problems

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Got problems in the bedroom? NO! Not those problems, we’re talking about the other problem -- not getting enough sleep! (Tsk, tsk.)

We had sleep-challenged couples test drive three products that claim to help with snoring, hot and cold sleepers, and trouble falling asleep, with the help of Dr. Michael Breus, author of The Power of When. If you and your significant other drive each other crazy with your annoying sleep habits, these three inventions might help you both sleep in perfect harmony (hopefully together).

The Problem: Mindy and Bob Sedlock of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania have two drastically different preferences when it comes to the temperature of their bedroom -- Mindy likes it to be warm, but Bob is a hot sleeper so wants the room ice cold.
The Product: BedJet, which claims to help keep you warm or cool in bed using an adjustable air system that allows each person to choose the temperature they want on their side of the bed.

“It was amazing! It kept me warm and I had a great night’s sleep.” -- Mindy
“It’s a little bulky, but otherwise great.” -- Bob

The Problem: Meghann Madden of Montgomery, New York has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.
The Product: The Sleep Shepherd, which claims to use EEG brainwave monitoring and a binaural beat system for a drug-free way to get a great night’s sleep.

”What I did like is that it emits a very calm and relaxing sound, but I’d rather have it as a feature that isn’t attached to my head so I can still hear my kids throughout the house when I want to.” -- Meghann

The Problem: James Haynes of Piscataway, New Jersey snores a lot, and if keeps his wife, Michelle, up at night.
The Product: Gideon Anti-Snoring Chin Strap, which claims to stop snoring by holding your jaw firmly in place.

“I definitely know it works, because it worked when he first put it on, but James moves around a lot in his sleep, so it probably shifted around a little bit.” -- Michelle


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