An Epic Surprise for a Super Mom Who Wouldn’t Give Up

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You may have heard the term “Super Mom” before, but Angela Bowman from Hyde Park, New York, truly embodies the title.

Angela, a substance abuse counselor and single mom to teen daughter Naajia, fell on hard times recently. She was in the midst of getting her graduate degree when she lost her job, fell behind on her rent, and, along with her daughter, became homeless. In fact, she got her eviction notice just three days before her grad school graduation.

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Angela and Naajia ended up living in a homeless shelter for six months, and, as you might imagine, it was a very difficult experience.

“It was hard. When you’re a teenager, you just want to have fun. You don’t want to have to worry about, ‘Am I going to have a place to sleep tonight?’ I didn’t want to lose my home,” Naajia explained before tearing up and not being able to continue.

The mom and daughter never gave up, pinky swearing to each other that everything was going to be okay. Angela eventually got a job at the shelter and they were able to move in to their own apartment. All their furnishings were donated by the church.

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Rach wanted to reward them for their persistence and courage, and reward them she did! She surprised Angela and Naajia with all the furniture they want from her Rachael Ray Home collection, new appliances, new pots, pans, knives and cookbooks, plus a $5,000 gift card to buy groceries at Acme Markets! Watch to see the look on their surprised faces!


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