Spend or Save? Twin Style Experts Show 3 Pairs of Twins How to Nail Designer Looks for Less $$

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Playing Spend or Save? Twin Style Experts Show 3 Pairs of Twins How to Nail Designer Looks for Less $$

What happens when a set of twins teaches three other sets of twins how to shop on a budget? The answer: slight confusion and amazing price reveals.

Here’s the skinny: Lawrence Zarian, author of “The 10 Commandments for a Perfect Wardrobe,” and his twin, lifestyle expert Gregory Zarian came by to show Rach that shopping for trends and the latest looks can be done on the cheap.

To prove this, the Zarian twins used three sets of lady twins to show off similar outfits with very different price tags. Was Rachael able to tell which of their outfits cost more? Hint: it’s not easy to tell the difference.

Capitalizing on the latest trends, the Zarian’s gave each set of twins a different look, each reflecting what’s hot in the fashion world right now, and tips on making the right shopping choices off the bat.

THE TWINS: Elisha and Amy
THE TREND: Seaside Stripes + Jumpsuits

Capitalizing on the trends of seaside stripes and jumpsuits, plus a floppy hat and a pop of color in a shoe, the price difference between their outfits was almost $400! Watch the video to find out what really made the difference between the jumpsuits (hint: it’s in the stripes). Lawrence points out that the item here worth the splurge is the jumpsuit (“The trend is here to stay,” he says) so save on shoes so opt for trendy accessories with a lesser price tag.


Jumpsuit: Alice and Olivia, $350
Shoes: Steve Madden, $89.95
Hat: Zappos.com, $58
TOTAL = $497.95

Jumpsuit: Lulus.com, $75
Shoes: 6pm.com, $32.99
Hat: Forever 21, $7.99
TOTAL = $115.98


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THE TWINS: Ginamarie and Annamarie
THE TREND: Classic White Shirt Dress

This set of twins, both event planners, love to hunt for a bargain and as they point out, staying on trend is double the work. When the Zarians dressed them in a classic white shirt dress, it was really tough to tell the difference. But the sturdiness and quality of the fabric is what made the difference between dresses (besides a price difference of nearly $500!). Whether it’s worth the splurge is really up to the buyer as the less-expensive dress isn’t as sturdy and much more sheer — but can easily be paired with a slip.


Dress: Alexander Wang, $525
Shoes: Macy’s, $168
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff, $95
TOTAL = $788

Dress: Forever 21, $45
Shoes: Asos, $43
Clutch: 6pm.com, $35.99
TOTAL = $123.99

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THE TWINS: Cathy and Carmelle
THE TREND: Bright Yellow

Here, the twins are dressed in a very on-trend color, in this case a bright yellow dress, with a classic jean jacket and a neutral wedge shoe with a peep toe. It was nearly impossible to tell the difference in price between outfits here (over $300!) and the real lesson here is to save your pennies on trends, which come and go very quickly. So in the case of the super popular yellow color (thanks, Beyonce!), it might be a choice that’s memorable and recognizable, but not the type of color to wear often.


Dress: Maje, $275
Shoes: Zappos.com, $79.99
Jacket: Macy’s, $69.50
TOTAL = $424.49

Dress: Dillards, $69
Shoes: 6pm.com, $24.99
Jacket: Forever 21, $22.90
TOTAL = $116.89

What did Rachael get out of all this price comparison? “All we’ve learned from this is I have very cheap taste!” she joked! Check out the videos for more ways to save wisely.


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