This Mom Dropped Her Baby Weight In the Most Adorable Way Ever

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Danielle Jones, a fitness trainer, thought she would be able to control her weight gain during pregnancy, but it wasn’t so easy for her. “I was that person that was like, I’m not gonna gain all that weight, I’m only gonna gain 30 pounds, and I gained 15 pounds in the first month,” she tells Rach.

After her daughter Honor was born, she was faced with 60 pounds of weight to lose and a logistical challenge all-too familiar to new moms: how to find time to work out while also caring for her child.

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She came up with an ingenious solution, working her daughter into her workouts -- literally. She started by holding her baby while exercising, and when Honor got big enough, she got in on the aerobic action. Danielle posted adorable and inspirational videos to Instagram documenting her journey, and not only lost the weight, but gained a loyal following -- currently at over 45,000 Instagram followers.

As much as we’d like to think it is—exercise alone isn’t a cure-all when it comes to dropping lbs. Danielle says diet was also a key part of her slim-down. Her advice to new moms: as busy as you are, it’s important to feed yourself like you do your kid.

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“Eat six meals a day like your child: they have breakfast, they have a snack, they have lunch, they have snack, they have dinner, and if they’re hungry they have a snack,” she says. By eating regularly you’ll keep your metabolism going.

But ultimately, she tells new moms not to put too much pressure on themselves. “The weight is going to come off, enjoy being a mom,” she says.

Watch the video above to see Danielle and her cutie pie (now 2-year-old Honor) demonstrate their adorable workouts -- like baby-aided squats and dual jumping jacks!

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