How to DIY Your Own Neon Sign (Really), Cake Clock + Copper Table


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How to Make an Adorable DIY 'Birthday Cake' Clock Aired August 04, 2017

We’ve all been there -- you see some amazing piece of furniture (or a vase, a clock, etc.) that would perfectly complete your living room and you just HAVE to have it, only to find out the price tag is way above your paygrade. We’re here to tell you -- you really can have it all. DIY diva Brit Morin shows you how to nail (ha) three trendy home decor projects without emptying your wallet.

DIY “Birthday Cake” Clock

This fun project starts with a round piece of plywood that you paint to look like a cake with one slice cut out. After the paint dries, attach a simple and inexpensive clock kit -- done!

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DIY Copper and Wood Table

This really looks like a million bucks and it’s hard to believe you can really do it yourself -- but you can! Sand and varnish a slice of tree trunk as the top. Then, using a pipe-cutter (it’s not as intimidating as it sounds, trust us) cut copper pipe to the sizes you need, and use pipe elbow pieces to assemble table legs. Then -- screw them on!

(See video above: Rach had a bit of a hard time with her power drill for this last part… but according to Brit, “Most people can do this.” LOL)

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DIY Neon Sign

Now we’re on to the really fun one -- and it’s the easiest of the three projects if you can believe it! Just mold some wire into whatever shape you want your sign to be. The use a glue gun to glue neon sign piping (available at the craft store or online) onto the wire. That’s it!

Like these ideas and want more? Check out Brit’s DIY kits which come pre-packaged with everything you need to make a project -- from start to finish.

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