This Teen Saved Her $5 Bills for a Year — GUESS How Much She Racked Up?!

by Rose Marie Walano 4:44 PM, January 5, 2018

Aired January 8, 2018

Can we talking about saving goals?!

When financial guru Alexa von Tobel visited our show last year, one teen viewer, Janessia, took one of her best tips to heart — save $5 a week, and you'll have a healthy stash by the end of the year.

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Well, Janessia did better than that! She saved all her chore and birthday money, and came back with her stack (and her mom!), and guess what?

After one year, she managed to save up a whopping $1,400!

Just watch the video to see how thrilled she was!

And yes, her mama was very proud, too!

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And remember, y'all — she's just a high school student!

"Mom, aren't you thrilled that at just 14, she's listening to financial advice?" asks Rach.

That big smile says it ALL.

Watch the stash reveal above, and get even more financial tips for kids in the video below!