Learn How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half -- Without Using Any Coupons!

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Everyone wants to buy healthy, whole foods to feed their family, but it can get expensive! Check out seven tips from Utah mom of five Jordan Page that can help you cut your grocery bill in half -- without having clip a single coupon!

Make a Budget

“The most important thing is that you have to have a budget. It just won’t work otherwise,” Jordan says. She recommends making a weekly budget, rather than a monthly budget, to keep you on target as the month goes on.

Shop From the Front and Back Page of the Weekly Ad

The biggest savings are going to be on the first and last page of the ad and the deals in the middle typically won’t be as good, Jordan says.

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Avoid Prepared Food

“If you’re buying prepared food, you’re paying someone else to prepare it for you,” Jordan cautions. She says you can save up to half the price buy preparing your food yourself.

Price Match

A lot of stores match their competitors’ pricing. Research ahead of time and make a game plan. You can even do a lot of (or all of) the legwork on your phone! Jordan labels food with stickers that list the lowest price so it’s easier to keep track of at checkout time.

Snag Marked-Down Meat

If you buy meat right before it’s about to expire, you can save a lot! Just be sure to cook it or freeze it right away.

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Buy the Store Brand

Jordan points out that when you go for name brands, you’re paying extra for advertising. The store brand is often just as good!

Check the Date on Your Milk

Often the milk in the front of the case is set to expire the soonest, so you should buy the milk that is farther back and you might get an extra week or more before it goes bad, Jordan says. She also recommends buying milk at the bottom of the case, which might be cheaper.

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