Fashion Expert Says This Type of Heel Is the Most Universally Flattering

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If you think the trick to picking an outfit that flatters your legs is all in the pants, think again!

Your choice of heel could make a difference, too, according to style trendsetter and creator of Where Did U Get That, Karen Blanchard.

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And while she names a block heel as the most complementary for ladies with larger calf muscles (Rach swears by stacked heels for stability!) and a stiletto for ladies with more slender legs (when it comes to practicality, Rach just can’t get on board with these), there is one kind of heel that Karen calls universally flattering.

The wedge!

Not only do they have a way of complementing legs of all shapes and sizes, but they’re pretty darn comfortable, too (as far as heels go, at least)!

For more fashion inspiration, watch another stylista, Katie Sturino from The 12ish Style, recreate celeb-approved looks for her body shape in the video above.

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