This Gadget Can Get You the Silky-Smooth Sheets of Your Dreams

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Do you ever open a catalogue of bedding and get just the tiniest bit emotional that, no matter what you try, your bed never seems to look as smooth or as fluffy as it does on the page?

Well, friends, dry those eyes!

Our buddy, design genius John Gidding, stopped by to share his essentials (It was the "Essentials Show," after all!), and revealed the gadget that gives him smooth-as-a-baby's-bottom sheets — every single time: the Rowenta Steam ‘N Press.


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Though it's a compact steamer, it's designed to look more or less like an iron, which means you can take it and press it right down on the bed. Or on your curtains — wherever you want silky smoothness! (Which is basically everywhere, right?)

Watch the steamer in action in the video above! And learn MORE about John's essentials here.


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