How to Make Your Old, Ugly Linoleum Floor Look Like Expensive European Tile

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Do you have an outdated linoleum floor that drives you NUTS?

You're not alone!

Roxanne, mom of two and DIY expert behind the blog The Honeycomb Home, is a pro at projects that give a luxurious look on a budget -- and no linoleum is safe from her! When her niece wanted to get rid of her ugly yellow linoleum floors, Roxanne jumped right in.

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With just a stencil and gray and white spray paint, a dated floor was instantly transformed into a unique “tiled” masterpiece, reminiscent of pricey European tile.

Itching to do this in your home?

Luckily, Roxanne shared her step-by-step how-to with us!


Paint Sprayer
Floor Stencil
Painter’s Tape
White Paint – (plain white eggshell enamel paint)
Slate Gray Porch & Patio Paint
Rust-Oleum Polyurethane Floor Sealer
Extension Paint Roller
And here’s exactly how she did it:

1. Paint the perimeter of the room with porch paint.

Rachael Ray Show

2. Using an extension paint roller, paint the rest of the floor.

Let the paint dry for a day or two before beginning to stencil.

(In hindsight -- though she was hoping to avoid this step by using porch paint -- Roxanne suggests using a sealer when she was done painting, since the porch paint ended up being less durable than expected.)

Rachael Ray Show

3. Using a paint sprayer and stencils, start stenciling!

(Roxanne practiced on a piece of cardboard first!)

Rachael Ray Show

If you have an overspray problem like Roxanne did, place a barrier on the slimmer sides of the stencil. (Though she initially only had garbage bags on hand, she prefers cardboard as a barrier.)

Rachael Ray Show

Roxanne suggests saving the end and corner tiles for last, since you’ll have to bend your stencils to get those sections to look good.

Rachael Ray Show

In terms of precision, look what a difference the paint sprayer made!

Rachael Ray Show

4. After the paint dries, apply the floor sealer -- and don’t walk on the floor for about 24 hours after!

Read more about this project on The Honeycomb Home here, and get lots more DIY ideas like how to make a pegboard spice rack!

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