Can This Alarm Clock Mat — Yes, Mat — Really Get Your Kid to School on Time?

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13-year-old Emma has a wee little problem most of us can relate to.

She finds it IMPOSSIBLE to wake up in the morning.

No matter what she does — or, more accurately, how hard her parents, Debra and Scott, try — the struggle is all too real for Emma.

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"It's hard for me to get up!" she admits. "I don't like… the thought of leaving my bed. It's so comfortable!"

You don't have to tell us, Emma!

But that's why we thought she was the perfect person to test-drive this little gadget: the Witawatia Smart Alarm Clock, an alarm clock mat.

Like most alarm clocks, the Smart Clock wakes you up by ringing. But you can only turn it off actually standing on it.

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Emma chose to put the mat near her bedroom door, so she actually had to get up and walk over to it to turn it off. And once she was up, she was on her way!

The downside? The wake-up music may have been a little too mellow, though our expert notes that there are different sound options available.

That, and the fact that her cat possibly mistook the mat for a kitty bed. (Womp!)

See Emma and her parents' full review in the video above!

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