After Beating Cancer, This Mother-Daughter Duo Turned Baking Cookies Into a Way to Help Other Cancer Patients

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Talk about tough cookies!

When Laura and Susan -- a mother-daughter duo from Atlanta, Georgia -- were faced with adversity, they fought back with sweetness.

Susan was diagnosed with cancer at 22 -- around the same time that her father was also fighting the disease. And when radiation and chemotherapy began to make her feel sick, her mother, Laura, had the idea of baking cookies to help her feel better.

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How sweet!

Because Laura had heard that ginger helps soothe the stomach, she decided on gingersnaps -- and she baked 100 cookies for Susan in one afternoon!

Wow. ?

The gingersnaps were so good that they decided to start selling them -- and Susansnaps was born!

The company name is in memory of the woman after whom Susan was named -- her Aunt Sue -- who died from the very cancer that Susan ultimately beat.

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Today, the dynamic duo bake 10,000 of those very cookies a day to sell online and out of their adorable Atlanta bakery. (There are actually FIVE different flavors now!)

Ready for the best part?

Portions of the cookie sales are donated to their foundation, called the Susan Carver Foundation, which helps to fund the cookie gift bags that Susan and Laura donate to hospitals and cancer centers around Atlanta.

"We say that cookies make people smile," Susan tells Rach via Skype. "And that’s what we’re trying to do with our foundation."

These two sound just as sweet as their cookies, don't you think?

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