Is This the Future of Cooking Apps? (Spoiler: If It Is, It's GREAT)

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Genius! (Or should we say delish?)

Not only did New York City's meatball maven, Daniel Holzman, help renew the city's obsession with those delicious little balls of goodness via his restaurant The Meatball Shop, but now, he's giving us the cooking app of our dreams.

Say hello to Project Foodie!

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Along with his brother, Eli (who's picked up a pair of Emmys!), Daniel created Project Foodie because he thought people could really learn how to cook not just by reading a recipe, but by watching someone make that meal — in real time.

That's right, if the recipes takes 60 minutes to make, then he's with you through the whole 60 minutes, step by step. (And pause by pause, too!)

"There are amazing cookbooks out there — I have a huge collection. [And] they teach people how to cook," Daniel explains. "But we wanted to actually show them, in real time, how to go through the steps. So that when you're cooking, we actually cook along."

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The recipes include an ingredient list that you can scale to the amount of people you're cooking, and you can order all the ingredients through the app to be delivered right to your front door.

Pretty awesome, right?

Learn more about the app in the video above! And get the Project Foodie app here.

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