The Best Tips for Organizing Every Single Closet in Your House

Playing The Best Tips for Organizing Every Single Closet in Your House
The Best Tips for Organizing Every Single Closet in Your House Aired March 20, 2018

Spring is almost sprung. (Right, groundhog — RIGHT?!)

And with the warmer temps, there's one (practical) thing on our mind: spring cleaning!

That's why we brought in Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer, the ladies behind the Nashville-based, full-service home organization company, The Home Edit, who showed us how to organize not one, but all three major closets in your home — your bedroom closet, linen closet and entryway closet.

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Read on for all their best tips, from fresh labeling techniques to the sheet organization trick that might just change your life. (Seriously — not an understatement!)


Especially, say Joanna and Clea, your closet bins. Once you separate your accessories and give them each a bin of their own, label them not with those little plastic guys that come out of your label maker but actual bin labels, which look a whole lot like luggage tags (an equally excellent choice!). That way, then can hang in LARGE font, right off the side.

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2. Put Some Sparkle in Your Egg Carton
According to Joanna and Clea, those little compartments are MADE for jewelry organization. (They actually use Rach’s egg crate in our studio!)

3. Go For "Rainbowfication" With Your Clothes
I.e. Organizing your closet by color! Of course, Joanna and Clea didn't invent this trick, but it's a wonderful reminder. Because honestly, does your closet ever look better (and is it ever easier to navigate) than when it's color-coordinated? (Answer: Nope!)

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1. Give Your Pillowcase Double-Duty
There's nothing more annoying than going to change the sheets on your bed and discovering that the fresh set is missing a piece! (Where is that second pillowcase?!) Joanna and Clea's solution? Put everything for one set INSIDE of one pillowcase. That way, you know where every piece in that set is. Plus, it makes storage so easy!

2. Bundle Your Guest Towels
Not only will wrapping a set (with either twine or ribbon) help ensure that they all stay together, but when it comes time to pass them off to your guest, it will look like a little present! ?

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3. Make the Most of Your Vertical Space With Shelf Dividers
They're PERFECT for stacking hand towels or toilet paper! The clear dividers Joanna and Clea's used in our studio also had hooks at the ends, making them double-duty products!

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1. Bucket Your Seasonal Items
The Home Edit ladies use big metal pails to organize hats, toys and more — and they make one for every member of the family! That way, everyone has their own space.

Also a fun tip they suggest? Allow the kids (and the big kids!) to decorate their pails as an arts and crafts project. If you pick magnetized pails, it can be as easy as printing out a photo and sticking a magnet on it. BOOM! Instant personalization.

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2. Number Your Umbrellas
Add hooks inside your entryway closet — one for each member of your family — and assign a number to it. Every person hangs their umbrella on their numbered hook — and only that hook. That one no one steals anyone's umbrella. (Rachael says she's trying this so John stops stealing hers! ?)

3. Put Those Extra Canvas Totes to Use
As the ladies note, everyone has a dozen canvas totes (at least!) hanging around the house. Instead of keeping them in a pile, use them to organize your hats, scarves and gloves. Put them all in one bag and hook it onto the hanger of your coat, so they're always easy to find (and there's no hunt between seasons!).

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